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A Little About Me

I am a hometown candidate running for school board with very intentional reasons. During my lifetime in Paso Robles as a Registered Nurse, school volunteer, youth cheer program director, community leader, and parent, your children have become part of my story. On a deeper level I have raised four children within in our district and I fiercely believe in us. I want to drive Paso Robles School District back to the top by unifying our dynamic powerful community, prioritizing students physical and mental wellness, placing high values on quality education, supporting and amplifying our teachers, reestablishing safe and well maintained campuses, creating greater fiscal understanding and responsibility, and focusing on an environment representative and safe for every single student within the district. I am a Military mom, I am a mom of a Texas Tech law student, I am a mom of an athlete, and a mom of a future engineer, I understand the magnitude of this position. When we plant deep roots in education, strong trees branch out into our communities. I am motivated, committed, and inspired to serve you on the Paso Robles Unified School District Board.

"Education is the Movement from darkness to LIGHT"  Allan Bloom

My Why?

Because I believe in my own children and believe in yours.

I believe fiercely that education is the one thing that no one can ever take away from you.

I believe in high academic achievements and opportunity.

I believe in celebrating each individual student and the identities they bring with them.

I believe in safety and healthy learning environments.

I believe in the teachers of our community, because many of them are my friends.

I believe in Bearcat Spirit and Friday night football games. I believe in our Sweet athletic trainer, Maria.

I believe in Bearkittens and CTE programs .

I believe in Ag Science and Welding projects.

I believe in youth sports in elementary schools. I believe in strong leadership and holding those in positions of power accountable. I believe in military and law enforcement pathways.

I believe in alternative learning opportunities.

I believe in education being part of the backbone of a strong community.

I believe in small town magic.

And I believe in us................

Image by Shane Rounce

The Vision

A collaborative relationship built on coming to the table and talking out major issues facing the district and the needs of the teachers would be essential in my ability to advocate for change,” says Williams. “Having all the information present would be necessary to build a bridge for success.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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